The NHL is Back!

The NHL, or National Hockey League, is finally back.  The Players Association and the NHL finally reached an agreement this last week.  The season was cancelled until recently due to a players strike.  Unfortunately, over half of the regular scheduled NHL season has already been lost.  I have a friend who works in the Minnesota Wild corporate office and he has suffered greatly during this lockout.  His hours and wages were cut dramatically as he was left to fend for himself over these last couple of months.  What baffles Americans is athletes getting upset over wages when they are already making millions of dollars.  During this lockout it was not the athletes, owners or the league itself that took the biggest hit; it was the employees.  I am glad that the league is finally back so employees can finally get back to paying their bills and taking care of their families.  If any professional athlete reads this, try and remember that the guy making 1/10,000 of your salary struggles to pay the bills when you shut the league down

Drive safe and stay warm!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion. 


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