Unusual Velcro Uses: Helpful Household Tips

Velcro is awesome.  The re-useable adhesive can be used all over the house, literally.  We found some great uses for this clingy product that are unknown to most people:

  • Straighten Picture Frames- Put opposite pieces of Velcro on the wall and the back of the picture frame.  Make sure it is level before attaching!
  • Keep a Rug in Place- Very similar to the picture frame above, except rugs typically lie on the floor.
  • Never Lose the Remote Again- Velcro the TV remove to the side of the TV so you won’t have to look in or beneath the couch.
  • Keep Cords in Tact- Cords from TV’s, computers or appliances can get tangled and out of place over time.  Velcro them down for easy arranging or transportation.
  • Hold Down Chair Cushions- If your kitchen chairs have cushions, keep them in place with a little Velcro.
  • Peaceful Picnic- Picnics are awesome but the wind can often wreak havoc on the table cloth.  Use small pieces of Velcro to hold it in place so you can eat in peace.

There are more uses for Velcro on the attached website where the information was found.

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