Paper Plates, More than Just Plates: Helpful Household Tips

Paper plates are great.  They are microwave safe and are ideal for any outdoor gathering.  Believe us though; they can be used for more than just eating off of.  Take your garbage can for example; there is always some sort of liquid that leaks through the garbage bag.  The next time you are putting a new garbage bag in, put a paper plate down on the bottom of the can.  It should catch any sort of leakage.  Paper plates are also great for painting.  Whether you are touching up your walls or your kids are doing some arts and crafts, take a few paper plates and use them to mix paint, catch drips or serve as a way to apply small portions to your brush.  Lastly, if you have fine china, or nice dinnerware, place a paper plate in between the glass bowls or plates.  These paper barriers should help reduce scratches and chips.

This information was gathered from a host of different sites.

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