Pick Your Super Bowl Champion

The biggest sports game of the year is on the horizon and experts have been buzzing with their predictions.  How do you choose?  Obviously these are the two best teams in the game, so picking the winner is no easy task.  We thought we would find some other ways to find who the victor will be…like animal predictions!  Here some predictions animals have made about the upcoming game:

  • Puppies on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: They were give 2 bowls to eat out of, and they chose the Baltimore Ravens.
  • Frankie the Saki Monkey: Was told to choose team logos on an Ipad and went with the 49ers.
  • Tamba, the Fort Worth Warthog: When given the option between two treat filled footballs and he went with the 49ers.
  • Maryland Zoo Chimps- They tore up the Ravens banner, which apparently means they choose Baltimore.
  • Emma the Sea Otter: Tosses toys in team labeled buckets she believes will win.  49ers it is.

These are just a few, but the website where this information was gathered concluded that the San Francisco 49ers will be the champions this year.

Who do you think will reign supreme?

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