Top 5 Super Bowl Ads

The National media’s focus the day after the Super Bowl used to direct its gaze into a breakdown of the big game, but it has since shifted into an in-depth analysis of the various million dollar ads that grace our television sets.  Super Bowl commercial spots can cost upwards of $4 million dollars for only 30 seconds, as you are almost guaranteed to reach over 100 million people.  So, which commercial claimed top prize?  Here is our top 5:

5.) Paul Harvey, The Farmer In All of Us: Maybe we are a bit biased, but this commercial really hit home.  It was powerful, moving and tugged at the heart strings of every hard working American.  Plus, we cannot forget that it did a great job branding RAM.

4.) Hyundai, Football Team: This commercial was funny and catchy.  The kids really sold this ad as they were lifting massive weights, wrestling bears and welding in factories before eventually beating the neighborhood bullies in a game of football.

3.) Tide, Montana Stain: Tide hit this ad on the head as they showed fame and fortune from an accidental stain and still managed to display the struggle between the two teams, along with the classic love-hate stereotype of a married couple.

2.) Doritos, Goat: Doritos never fails to impress with their ads.  They receive laughs throughout as a Dorito lover buys a cute goat, but fails to realize that his new pet puts his favorite snack in jeapordy.  Goat vs. Man and his chips= Goat victory.

1.) Oreo, Library Fight: What a creative concept!  A busy library erupts in a brawl as people fight over what they like best about Oreos, the cookie or the cream.  But there is a catch…they whisper the whole time!  Even when the fire department and cops show up, they whisper into their loud speakers!  Instant success.  Hats off to Oreo!   

Which commercial was your favorite?

Listed below is a link to the Oreo commercial:            

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