Unusual Hairdryer Uses: Helpful Household Tips

The hairdryer.  What a great invention.  It can produce both cold and warm air at different speeds and it is easy to pack in a suitcase or a drawer.  A hairdryer may be a woman’s best friend, but the tables could be turning as you can put your man to work around the house!

  • Duster- Sick of dusting?  Run the hairdryer on cool and a low velocity to remove dust from hard to reach places.
  • De-wrinkler- If your new, plastic shower curtain or table cloth is full of wrinkles then hold your hairdryer 12 inches away on a warm setting and let the wrinkles fade away.
  • Cake Master- Icing on cupcakes and general cakes can be perfected with a hair dryer.  If you need to harden the icing try blowing cool air on the confection, if you are craving a brighter finish then go the warm route!
  • Crayon Eraser- Can you really blame the kids for drawing everywhere?  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to write all over the walls?  Simply blow warm air on the wax until it melts, then wipe away with a wet sponge.

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