Unusual Rubber Band Uses: Helpful Household Tips

Rubber bands are great.  They can stretch, hold items in place and act as a stylish wrist band.  What else can they be used for?  What are some great, but unusual uses?  Try these on for size:

  • Spoon Slide Reducer- Sick of having your spoon slide into your bowl?  Put a rubber band about half way up the handle and it will never be covered in food again!
  • Stick Your Cutting Board- Make sure your cutting board stays in place by adding a rubber band to each side.
  • Reshape a Broom- Extend the life of your broom by wrapping a few rubber bands around the bristles. 
  • Measure Liquids- Place a rubber band around jars and cans to show how much liquid is left.  This should come in handy when it is time to go to the grocery store.
  • Paint Saver- If you like to paint then this is great for you!  Instead of wiping your brush on the side of the can, and eventually making a mess, put a rubber band across the middle of the can.  Wipe the brush on the rubber band to keep the paint in the can!

There are even more uses on this Reader’s Digest site where the information was found!

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