Why is One Dollar Called a “Buck”?

Gather round fine people of North Dakota and take in this interesting history lesson.  One dollar is often referred to as a “buck”.  Why is this?  What does a “buck” have to do with a lone dollar?  The origin is actually quite simple.  When the Europeans initially claimed what was Florida and Louisiana in the early 17th century, a lone deer hide, preferably one of a buck, was worth the equivalent of $1.  So, if you killed a deer, skinned it, and brought it to your local trading post, it would most likely be worth about $1.  Eventually, the phrase translated into an equal way to express $1.  When you were trying to evaluate how much a new rifle, dresser or shovel would cost, settlers could determine just how many deer hides they would need for a fair trade.  The next time your friend asks you for a “buck”, be sure to have them specify if they would like some deer or a dollar.

Have a good day!

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