Time to use Popsicle Sticks: Helpful Household Tips

Popsicle sticks become quite abundant, especially as the weather begins to change for the better, and instead of throwing them all out, wash them with soap and begin using them all around your house!  For example, the best way to label potted plants before they sprout is to use a popsicle stick.  Simply write what you planted on the stick and place it in the pot.  You can use popsicle sticks to reinforce the back of picture frames.  The back of frames begin to sag or loose strength with time, so tape a few wooden sticks to the back to strengthen the frame and make the picture look great!  Don’t forget about arts and crafts.  Save some popsicle sticks and let your kids glue them together on a rainy day.  See who can be the most creative with their designs, and speaking of arts and crafts, lets your children construct their own toy boat or canoe.  All you need is a little glue, a few devoured popsicles and a giant imagination.  These are just a few.  Do you know of any other interesting uses?  Let us know!

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