The Importance of the World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic, or WBC, is a baseball tournament founded in 2005 that features a host of teams from around the world.  Various countries put together their best players and compete for WBC title every 4 years.  Much like the Olympics, players put it all on the line for their nation.  Why is this event for important?  Well, for starters, it only happens every 4 years, which makes it all the more rare, but when the Olympics dropped baseball from their summer events, it made it nearly impossible for the countries of the world to play one another in the great game.  The WBC also gives young players the ability to watch the best players in the game.  Lastly, the World Baseball Classic is much like the Olympics in that it instills a sense of unity throughout the world.  Regardless of a country’s situation, they can still root for their boys as they compete for the world title.  Even if baseball is not your favorite sport, you can still appreciate countries sending their best players overseas to compete.

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