Aspirin, Not Just for Pain: Helpful Household Tips

Aspirin has been around for over a hundred years and has helped millions of people deal with daily pain, but did you know that some of aspirin’s best uses fall outside the body?  It’s true!  Aspirin is a great item to have around the house as it is helpful in more than one area:

  • Remove Perspiration Stains- Crush a few aspirin, mix them in ½ cup of warm water and soak the stained portion of the garment for 2-3 hours.
  • Restore Your Hair Color- After a pool day, your hair color may begin to fade.  Dissolve 6-8 pills in warm water and rub through your hair.  Let it sit for roughly 15 minutes before washing out.  
  • Control Insect Bites- Dampen mosquito or bee stings with water and rub an aspirin over it.
  • Extend Flower Life- If you have cut flowers in your home then add one crushed aspirin to their water source every time you refill it.  Your flowers will love you for it!

Unbelievable Use of the Week

We have not tried this use, but according to Reader’s Digest, if your vehicle’s battery is dead and jumper cables are nowhere to be found then you may be able to start your vehicle by dropping an aspirin directly into the battery.  The chemical reaction may give you one last jumpstart.  Be sure to have your vehicle checked right away though!

These uses and many more were found on the following Reader’s Digest site.

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