The Season of Slush

Did you know that there are actually 5 seasons?  It’s true!  There is spring, summer, winter, fall and slush.  A little confused?  You should be, as the season of “slush” is completely made up, but we think it should be honored by all Midwesterners.  Before the joy of spring can set in, a brief stint of cool slush sets over our fine lands.  Parking lots, baseball fields, lawns and roads fill with slushy water and ice that seeps into our shoes.  Is there anything good about the season of slush?  Yes there is!  The season of slush is a sign that good weather is coming, hopefully quickly.  Even though this time of year is quite annoying as you have to tiptoe in and out of your vehicle, remember that the joys, and warmth, of spring are just around the corner.  So, that next time you accidently step into that puddle you thought was a half an inch deep, but ends up going up to your shin, put a big smile on your face.  You can grin because even though that puddle won the battle, you will win the war.  In just a few short weeks that puddle will be gone until next year.

Happy Slush Season!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.

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