Opening Day

It is here!  Opening Day has finally arrived.  Baseball is set to begin today (it actually began last night, but for the sake of argument, we will say today) as teams square off against each other for the first games of the regular season.  What does Opening Day mean?  For many, it means spring is finally here.  Snow, sleet and cold weather are gone and the time of great weather, bountiful sunshine and warm summer nights are upon us.  Unfortunately, this spring has not brought ideal weather for many openers, including the Minnesota Twins.  Temperatures in the Twin Cities are supposed to climax at about 35 degrees today; not exactly ideal baseball weather.  Oh well, baseball will go on.  This season should be a wild one as many teams are already struggling with injuries, including an always Fall Classic favorite, the New York Yankees.  A large majority of teams revamped their lineups in the off-season, so hopefully we will see plenty of stellar pitching, excellent hitting and overall good baseball this year.  Who is your favorite team?

Happy Opening Day!

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