Battle of the Burritos: Chipotle vs. Qdoba


Massive burritos have become a staple of American dining over the last fifteen years as delicious, fast Mexican restaurants have sprung up all over the country.  There are two, however, that seem to stand out: Qdoba and Chipotle.  These two restaurant chains not only put up huge sales numbers, but they have created a burrito cult following.  Everyone is different and it is fun to see who likes the different burrito restaurants.  Currently, Chipotle outnumbers Qdoba about 100 to 1, but to many Midwestern folk, the numbers make no difference.  The queso sauce from Qdoba, to many, is like manna from heaven as it adds a unique cheesy blend to the burrito.  On the other hand, Chipotle sticks with simplicity.  Their burritos harness the nuts and bolts of classic Mexican dining.  Each restaurant chain is unique in their own way, but who reigns supreme?  Personally, both restaurants fill the hunger void.

Who do you think is best?

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