Life of a Rock Star

Wish you were a rock star?  Of course you do, who wouldn’t want to be, right?  I recently spoke to a good friend who is in a relatively famous band and asked him what life of a rock star is actually like.  Sure, he has been to some wild parties, and yes he has opened for some BIG names, but what is the normal day like for a true rock star?  It is not what you think.  For example, while on tour, the main voice has to make sure his vocal chords are in tip-top shape.  He said that after a show, he sometimes won’t speak again until his next sound check.  Fatigue also sets in as they are constantly sleeping on a bus.  The beds are not as comfortable as you may think, plus the bus is constantly moving, rattling and stopping.  He also made mention of the stress.  Musicians have trained themselves to not fear the crowd.  I was told that on his first couple of tours, stage freight would often set in and he would get stomach ulcers from the stress.  Is there anything awesome about being a rock star?  Oh ya…money, fame and yes there are some pretty incredible experiences and parties.

Happy Thursday!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.


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