Helpful Household Tips: 5 quick uses for Masking Tape

Masking tape is great and luckily almost everyone has a roll or two lying around the house.  There are quite a few uses for masking tape that most people do not know about.  Here are a few that we were able to hunt down:

1.) Wood Cutter Aid– The next time you have to cut some wood around you home use masking tape as a ruler.  Wrap some tape around the location you want to cut on the wood.  Cut directly through the tape and you will have less splinters and a straight line.

2.) Homemade Lint Roller– If you are running out the door for an important event and can’t find the lint roller then grab a roll of masking tape.  It performs the same function as your lint roller. 

3.) Kid Coloring– 2 quick uses.  Put some tape around your child’s crayons to ensure they don’t break as easily.  You can also tape down any coloring sheet to the table with masking tape.  Not only will it help keep the sheet in place, but if they scribble a little off the page, the masking tape will ensure your table is not damaged.

4.) Glass Transportation– If you have to remove glass for remodeling or other purposes then take masking tape and make an “X” across the glass.  It will strengthen the glass for transportation.

5.) Signs and Labels– Masking tape is great for labeling things around the house.  It is cheap and easy to remove.

This information was gathered from the following site.

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