Awesome Body Facts

There are some cool body feelings that are nothing short of amazing, so we took to Reader’s Digest to find the answers.

Why Does My Stomach Feel Up in My Throat On Roller Coasters?

 Believe it or not, your insides (stomach and intestines) are actually shifting.  Don’t worry though it is not harmful to your health as they go right back into place.

Why Does Luke Warm Coffee Taste So Bad?

Certain taste buds in your mouth are more receptive to temperature than others with certain foods.  For coffee, the taste is less bitter when it is hot.  Odors also influence taste.  The hotter the coffee=a stronger aroma=a better taste.

Can Achy Joints Actually Predict Weather?

To a degree, yes.  When a storm is brewing, the atmospheric pressure will most likely drop which could cause body tissue to swell.  This swelling can increase the pain someone has in their joints.

Why Do I Get Side Aches When  I Run?

The running process, although healthy, can stretch, pull and pound your diaphragm.  This can lead to a sharp pain.  To stop the pain, slow down, or work on taking longer breaths when running.

There are quite a few more at the following Reader’s Digest site.

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