Helpful Household Tips: Different Uses for Dental Floss

Have you been flossing?  Apart from minimizing dental bills and creating a brilliant smile, dental floss has some great uses that most people do not know about.  Floss is cheap and can be used all over your house…

  • Cut Delicate Food-Sometimes a knife is hard to come by, or maybe you do not have the right size to cut delicate food like cake.  Try using floss next time to get a clean cut!
  • Remove Cookies- The most delicious cookies are always the ones that don’t want to come off the baking sheet.  Slide floss underneath them after baking to remove them with ease and no mess left behind!
  • Lose the Ring- Ever had a ring stuck on your finger?  Whether you need to take it off for good or bad reasons, if it’s stuck then wrap the rest of your finger tightly with floss and slide the ring right off.
  • Hang Things- When the holiday season rolls around use mint dental floss to hang ornaments on the tree. 
  • Un-Stick Photos- If you have two photos stuck together try using floss to get them apart.  Ripping them apart with your hands can cause damage to both, so slide floss between them and savor each picture for another day!
  • Floss- The most important use has to do with your beautiful teeth.  Keep a healthy smile by flossing every day.

These uses were found at the following link.

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